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A live video capture is an internal or external solution or device used to connect a computer or device to a video camera or device capable of capturing a video signal. This device is adept at taking a video signal and translating it into a stored video format, allowing it to store, modify, and display video on the computer. Generally, external video capture devices are connected to the computer using a USB wire. Currently, live video capture is in great demand, primarily owing to the growth of live video among users. Live streaming is gaining traction as it is more accessible to the viewer as well as easier to produce for the creator than before.

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As the demand for smartphones and mobile Internet continues to rise, the demand for (enterprise class) live video capture solutions will continue to increase. Also, landline and mobile Internet provide enough bandwidth for a smooth live video experience. The (enterprise class) live video capture solutions market is expected to expand in the near future, due to a rise in current live video trends.

Recording live videos requires products such as smartphones, webcams, or other devices.  Smartphones with in-built webcams and bundled software are being used to capture live video globally. Software is an important component of smartphones, without which live video capture is not possible. The (enterprise class) live video capture solutions not help in capturing live video but also help in recording the same and access the same without being there at all.

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Key drivers of the global (enterprise class) live video capture solutions market include growing influence of live streaming among consumers, increase in bandwidth and storage capacity, and increase in demand for easily capturing and streamlining the media landscape. Recording of live videos is an entertaining experience. Dramas, movies, and documentaries can be easily played again by recording them well. Currently, people are using different software that offer various features to record their live videos. The (enterprise class) live video capture solutions help to easily capture live video. They also help in recording live streaming video and sharing it with coworkers and friends or saving it for later viewing.