Rebranding Process Greatly Increases Credit Union’s Referrals

How a consulting firm helped a credit union successfully launch their brand


Dallas, Texas Mar 09, 2019 – With 27,000 members, Wyoming-based UniWyo Federal Credit was looking to develop abrand that better resonated with members and enhanced the membership experience. Enter: On The Mark Strategies. On The Mark Strategies’ rebranding process helped UniWyo Federal Credit drastically increase the amount of paid out referrals.


With an already attractive logo, UniWyo was really looking for an inclusive brand to back it up. The consulting firm guided UniWyo’s leadership team through the process of rebuilding and strengthening their brand by defining key factors. These critical areas were narrowing in on vision and messaging. With the help of the firm, UniWyo as able to launch their brand at a one-day brand camp.


“We’ve gone from being nice people to actually serving the members,” Tara Springsteen, VP of Operations for UniWyo FCU reports, “We uncover the needs they have, and we look for solutions that will make our members’ lives better.”


After the brand launch, On The Mark Strategies guided the team by creating a more in-depth membership experience program. Primarily focused on strengthening and deepening member relationships, the firm facilitated the launch of the brand and program. After kicking off the program, UniWyo reports they’ve seen a substantial uptick in paid out (member-referred new members) referrals.


On The Mark strategies didn’t stop at merely guiding leadership through the critical rebranding process, however. They went one step further and helped the credit union train all of their employees on how to “live” the brand in their specific job roles. This solidification of the brand into office culture cemented the messages given to current members and potential members, helping UniWyo stand out from their competitors.


“I thought it was phenomenal the level of thought and effort that was put into the branding,– how we should serve members, how we should treat members, how it all comes together.” Dave Krause, CEO, UniWyo Federal Credit Union “Everything is integrated. It’s part of our culture…On The Mark Strategies guided us through all of that.”


Since the brand launch, UniWyo FCU has taken member connections to an enhanced level: the success of their relaunch can be seen clearly in the increase of member-referrals the company continues to experience.


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About On The Mark Strategies

On The Mark Strategies is a team of trailblazers guiding financial institutions in the areas of speaking, branding, strategic planning and marketing services. Technically, they are a consulting firm, but their clients prefer to think of them as trail guides. Their experience as former credit union employees, combined with the customized programs they create in-house, enable them to lead financial institutions through the great unknown. On The Mark Strategies stands ready to guide financial institutions looking to chart a new course or navigating their current path.