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Nowadays, more and more people are expressing interest in camping in all of its forms – from back-country to adventure camping and, of course, glamping. The growing number of people taking interest in sports and adventure expeditions worldwide is likely to drive the Camping Equipment Market. The present generations are spending on adventure trips in forests, mountains, and other terrains. As camp goers visit areas where nobody lives, it has become essential for them to setup proper camps. Thus, surge in the travel and tourism industry is likely to grow the demand of camping equipment, driving the camping equipment market.

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Travel agencies have been taking initiatives to promote camping in different terrains, which will further increase the demand of camping equipment, driving the camping equipment market.

Camping is an outdoor activity which includes night stay in tents away into woods or on mountains, thus needs proper arrangements. To be precise, camping is all about spending time in the lap of nature. It is a physical activity that can be luxurious as well as a planned with fully equipped accommodation.

Camping requires many equipment, including first aid boxes, bags, ropes, tent material, knives, etc. Some of the equipment are easily available at homes, but many travelers choose to carry only the equipment customized for camping.

Key Drivers of Camping Equipment Market

Factors & Challenges

Growth of travel and tourism industry will proliferate camping equipment market

According to IBEF, travel and tourism sector’s contribution to India’s GDP is likely to climb from Rs 15.24 trillion (US$ 234.03 billion) last year to Rs 32.05 trillion in 2028. Total employment in the sector is like to surge to 52.3 million jobs by 2028.

Growing Awareness drives could grow camping equipment market

Awareness derives on a wide range of issues have become quite common in this world. The awareness drives need proper arrangements, which are done using camping material. For example, a blood donation camp needs proper tent-cloth, poles, and other equipment. The growing number of drives are likely to drive the camping equipment market.

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Camping is cheapest holiday option

Holidays are good to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of life, and the tight schedules, but are usually quite pricey as you need to spend huge bucks on flights, accommodation, and food. On the other hand, camping makes the most cost-effective holiday option. It’s difficult to avoid the call of the woods and the wild when the days grow longer and warmer.  You get to spend quality time with your friends and family in the lap of nature. Camping equipment is all you need to make the most of your camping activity.

Changing lifestyles are making camping common

The present generation believes in making instant plans and trips. They prefer to go on long drives and road trips, for which they need to carry proper camping equipment, just in case they need to stop by mountains to spend a night or want to wake up by riverside.

Camping is healthy activity

Camping is crammed with many health and mental benefits, as the outdoor physical activity encourages you to spend time in a peaceful area, reducing your stress level; bring you close to nature giving you fresher air to breath; and unplug you from the gadgets, leaving you in a healthier and calmer state.
The growing number of benefits associated with camping are promoting the practice, which is further likely to grow the camping equipment market.

Expensive Camping Equipment

Most of the camping equipment which is solely designed for the leisure activity is costly and put a heavy toll on the pocket. High performance camping gear is highly expensive, and could make the growth of camping equipment market sluggish.

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