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The global Electrostatic Precipitator market is projected to grow at a moderate growth rate during the forecast period, mainly due to growing environmental concerns. For instance, in October 2016, Manila Declaration on Health and Environment was signed in order to commit and take the action to address environment and health in the context of the sustainable development goals. All these factors are likely to drive the demand for Electrostatic Precipitator.

Electrostatic precipitator is a device used to remove the dust and ash particles with the exhaust gases of power plants. Electrostatic precipitator uses electrostatic charges to separate particles from a dirty gas stream. Moreover, it is designed to trap and remove the dust particles from the exhaust gas stream in the industries such as chemical, paper, and power, among others. The main types of electrostatic precipitators include plate-wire precipitator, flat plate precipitator, tubular precipitator, wet precipitator, and two-stage precipitator.

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Global Electrostatic Precipitator market is expected to witness a moderate growth during the forecast period owing to tightening air pollution control regulations. Government regulations in Asian countries related to environment conservation are likely to drive the demand for electrostatic precipitator. For instance, Beijing set the target for improving the number of days to improve the air to 80%. Thus, driving the market for new Electrostatic Precipitator. To reduce smog, Beijing has also planned and asked the cement as well as steel plants to suspend or lower down their production. It also conducted frequent environmental inspections of local authorities and households in the country’s north to switch from coal to natural gas for heating. On the other hand, China’s ministry exceeded its target set for air pollution action plan in 2013. Similarly, in its five-year plan until 2020. China’s national air pollution plan has brought tremendous reductions in pollution levels and associated health risks. 2017 in the country, witnessed the slowest air quality improvement on record.

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Key Players:

The key players of global Electrostatic Precipitator market are Siemens AG (Germany), General Electric (US), Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (Japan), Babcock & Wilcox (US), AMEC Foster Wheeler (UK), Thermax Global (India), Ducon Technologies (US), Fujian Longking (China), Hamon Group (Belgium), and Trion (US), among others.

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