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In recent years, an increasing number of consumers have turned toward thermal cameras to assist them in operating in darkness. Use of thermal cameras for nighttime hunting, photography, personal security, and fishing has become commonplace. The growing trend of adoption of thermal technology for hunting, photography, and fishing is expected to create new growth opportunities for the global thermal camera market during the forecast period.

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Moreover, military & defense organizations are strengthening their night vision capabilities in order to enhance their situational awareness and maneuverability of soldiers by improving on a legacy system. In addition, in different countries across the world, government organizations are upgrading their existing weapons and devices in order to enhance navigation and targeting and surveillance capabilities of the military.

Increasing terror threats in different countries is expected to be a major factor in boosting the thermal camera market during the forecast period. Automotive safety systems have become sophisticated, efficient, and advanced over the last few years. Growing focus and stringent government rules and regulations about vehicle driving and consumers focus toward safety features of their vehicles are major driving factors for the automotive safety system industry.

Among all the reasons, North America is expected to hold the maximum market share during the forecast period, owing to the early penetration of the technology in this region. South America and MEA hold minor market share each.

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