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Carboxypeptidase is a protease enzyme, which hydrolyzes the peptide bond present at the carboxy-terminal end of a peptide. Industrially, the Carboxypeptidase enzyme is prepared from GMO Aspergillus niger, which is produced by submerged fermentation of a selected, pure culture of Aspergillus niger. Carboxypeptidase enzyme – finds application in the production of cheese and in fermented meat. The dosage of the enzyme depends on the type of application, quality of the raw material and the processing conditions. The enzyme is used to speed up the development while ripening.

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The Carboxypeptidase market can be segmented by form, source, types, application, and region.

By form, Carboxypeptidase Market can be segmented into frozen solid form, spray-dried form, liquid form, and freeze-dried powdered form. Among all the forms of Carboxypeptidase enzyme, mostly sold form by the manufacturers is the freeze-dried form.

By source, Carboxypeptidase can be segmented into Wheat Germ, Porcine Kidney, Calf Intestine, Bakers Yeast, Zucchini Squash, Aspergillus niger strain, and others. Among these sources, Carboxypeptidase enzyme is made industrially by the fermentation of Aspergillus nie and can also be converted into freeze-dried powdered.

By types, Carboxypeptidase market can be segmented into Carboxypeptidase A, Carboxypeptidase B, Carboxypeptidase D, Carboxypeptidase E, Carboxypeptidase M, Carboxypeptidase N, and Carboxypeptidase Y. The enzymes play various roles in the cell from the control of peptide hormone to the growth factor activity on the cell surface to membrane-localized degradation of extracellular proteins.

By application, Carboxypeptidase market can be segmented into the food industry, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. In the food industry, Carboxypeptidase enzyme is used in Cheese, Enzyme Modified Cheese (EMC), and Fermented Meat. In the production of cheese, Carboxypeptidase is used to accelerate the development of flavors and the de-bittering during the ripening process. In EMC, Carboxypeptidase is mainly used as a de-bittering aid. The EMC powder which is the end product is used to create a cheesy-taste to foods like soups and sauces. In fermented meat, by addition of Carboxypeptidase with the lactic acid bacteria during cutting and mixing of the meat, makes it up to the desired taste. Due to the nature of the dried meat, the enzyme stays no longer functional in the final food.

According to the recent trend of launching new types of products in the market which are healthy, manufacturers and producers are bringing innovations in their products. Based on the innovations, different enzymes and organic substances are being used in the manufacturing of food products to make it nutritious and healthy. One of the enzymes is Carboxypeptidase, which is used in the food industry as it is a naturally occurring enzyme and found in both human cells and tissues. Carboxypeptidase enzyme is used in a very small quantity in the production of foods due to the presence of the same enzyme in the human body. Usage of the Carboxypeptidase enzyme makes the ripening of cheese and fermented meat faster than in normal condition or with other enzymes. This is the reason why manufacturers prefer the use of Carboxypeptidase enzyme in the production of cheese mainly, which is driving the Carboxypeptidase market globally.

In spite of the benefits of the Carboxypeptidase enzyme in the food industry, it also has negative effects such as if the consumption or dosage of Carboxypeptidase increases in the human body, it can cause adverse effects and abnormality in the body.

Based on the demand of Carboxypeptidase, few players are providing the enzyme to the food manufacturers, such as Calzyme Laboratories Inc., Abcam Plc., Abbiotec LLC., Prospect-Tany Technogene Ltd., Worthington Biochemical Corporation, BIOZYM Gesellschaft für Enzymtechnologie mbH, and others.