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Ozonator or ozone generator is electronic device, which converts the oxygen into ozone gas. Ozonator contains an electronic corona discharge or an ultraviolet light bulb that convert oxygen to ozone. Indeed, in corona discharge, oxygen is passed through the high voltage electrical field. Further results in breaking of oxygen molecules into charged atoms and then formation ozone gas. The rate of ozone gas produce can be control by adjusting oxygen feed to ozonator.

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The ozonator market is primarily driven by the increased usage of ozonator in application of beverage production, since it offers variety of advantages including prolonged storage life, avoid turbidity, slow souring, get rid of any coloration, avoid non persistent, and non – toxic residue.

Moreover ozonator expected to replace conventional clean in place (CIP) methods like steam, chlorine, or caustic with reduction in overall downtime, as result of these factors, growth of the global ozonator market is anticipated during forecast period. With increasing urbanization the demand of water treatment is expected to rise, and further expected to positively influence the adoption rate of environment friendly ozonator for water treatment by many municipal water treatment installations during forecast period.

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Increasing adoption of ozonator in cooling tower due to per unit cost saving, further expected to contribute to the growth of the global ozonator market during forecast period. Treatment of water in car washing installations is increasingly becoming popular, since it is economically & environmentally beneficial.

Key players operating in the global ozonator market include TOSHIBA, Ozono Elettronica Internazionale, Metawater, MKS, DEL, Oxyzone , Qingdao Guolin Industry, ESCO International, Newland EnTech, Taixing Gaoxin, Koner, Tonglin Technology, Jiuzhoulong, Sankang Envi-tech, Hengdong, OZONIA, Nippon Photoelectricity Equipment, Wedeco, Mitsubishi Electric, and others.