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Global Sodium Tripolyphosphate Market: Overview

Sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) is an inorganic compound produced by heating a mixture of monosodium phosphate and disodium phosphate. Sodium tripolyphosphate is used as food preservative and emulsifier for various packed foods such as meats, seafood, poultry, and animal feeds. Additionally, Sodium tripolyphosphate is also as water softener in detergents. Sodium tripolyphosphate is also employed as a cleaning agent in anticorrosion pigments, textiles, leather tanning, metal treatment, ceramic tiles, and water treatment.

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Global Sodium Tripolyphosphate Market: Key Segments

The global Sodium tripolyphosphate market can be segmented based on grade and formulation. In terms of grade, the Sodium tripolyphosphate market can be segregated into anhydrous grade and hydrate grade. Anhydrous grade contains 56.5% of phosphorous pentaoxide (P2O5), while hydrate grade contains 46.5% to 47.5% of phosphorous pentaoxide (P2O5). Based on formulation, the market can be divided into gels, tablet, liquid, and dry powder. The dry powder segment dominates the Sodium tripolyphosphate market due to the rise in demand for surface cleaners, household and industrial detergents. Technological advancement in industrial detergents and the increasing usage of sodium tripolyphosphate as cleaning and dispersing agent in other applications such as ceramic processing, toothpaste, flame retardant, and rubber manufacturing are propelling the demand for odium tripolyphosphate during the forecast period.

Global Sodium Tripolyphosphate Market: Drivers & Restraints

Rise in demand for packaged food and food additives across the globe is one of the major factors driving the demand for sodium tripolyphosphate. Sodium tripolyphosphate raises the pH level and also increases the water holding capacity of packaged food when used as food preservative. Increase in consumption of household cleaning agents and growth in laundry technologies are other factors expected to boost the global sodium tripolyphosphatemarket during the forecast period. Limited concentration of sodium tripolyphosphate in various applications due to the rise in health concerns over high level of phosphates is anticipated to restrain the Sodium tripolyphosphate market during the forecast period. Additionally, availability of other substitutes and implementation of stringent regulations on phosphate-based detergents are estimated to adversely affect the sodium tripolyphosphate market in the near future. However, trending applications of sodium tripolyphosphate in other application areas – sodium tripolyphosphate is used in the production of animal feed, herbicides, and poultry applications – are providing lucrative opportunities to manufacturers operating in the sodium tripolyphosphate market. Sodium tripolyphosphate is gaining popularity in the agriculture sector, as it inhibits the growth of harmful micro-organisms and bacteria.

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Global Sodium Tripolyphosphate Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the global STPP market are Innophos Holding Inc., Tata Chemicals Ltd., ICL Performance Ltd., Aditya Birla Chemicals, and Sumitomo Chemicals Co. Ltd.