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Kola nut extract is obtained from the seed of kola tree which is native to Africa’s tropical rainforest. It is also known as bissy nuts, guru nuts and cola nuts. Kola nut extract contains the certain percent of caffeine which is used as a flavoring ingredient in beverages. Inside the kola-fruit about a dozen square and round seeds develop in a white seed shell. The aroma of the nut is sweet it tastes bitter at first but sweetens upon chewing. The nut is boiled to extract kola, as kola nut extract has a high amount of caffeine content in it can help with drowsiness and gastrointestinal fatigue problems, atonic diarrhea, dysentery, it helps in stimulation of gastric acid production and aids digestion.

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The stimulants present in the kola nut extract dilates blood vessels and increases the blood flow as a result increases the blood flow to the head and helps in the treatment of a migraine. Kola nut extract is said to create a feeling of euphoria and also stimulates mental focus and is useful as an aphrodisiac. Kola nut extract is also termed as a cardiotonic that strengthens and stimulates the heart. Kola nut extract is also considered as an excellent remedy for food poisoning, as it contains antioxidants it enhances the immune and protects the is also used for bronchodilator and diuretics.

The global kola nut extract market is driven mostly by pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries as it has curative properties and also by food and beverage industry as a flavoring agent since it has a unique taste. Kola nut extract was once used to make the popular soft drink coco-cola in America, and kola nut extract was used as a primary ingredient in the beverage. The key factors restraining the global kola nut extract market is due to the use of synthetic derivatives in beverages that mimic the flavor of kola nut extract. Regularly chewing the kola nut can stain the teeth giving a rusty color. The kola nut extract also has a high level of nicotine content which would affect the body chemistry. High intake of the kola nut extract would lead to insomnia, high heartbeat, high blood pressure, and high-level toxicity, locomotive effects and over simulation.

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Based on the geographies, the global fumaric acid market is fragmented into seven key regions- North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia-Pacific except Japan, Japan. Among the regions mentioned above in the Middle East and Africa, the production of kola nut extract is maximum as kola nut trees are commercially grown in Africa. The kola nut extract is a cherished commodity that has increased into enormous economic prospects with kola nut extract trade with North America and Asia-pacific. With the increase in awareness and people becoming more con about health the use of kola nut extract is expected to grow in the regions of western and eastern Europe and Latin America. Overall the market for kola nut extract is expected to grow in the forecasted year due to increase in the use of the extract in beverage instead of synthetic products.