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A common opinion is that admission to community college in Canada is automatic, but there are some circumstances that can result in a rejection letter.

Community college students are responsible for making up 45 percent of all U.S. Undergraduates.

Toronto International Business College has answered the 6 most common questions that are asked about community colleges. The answer to these questions will make choices easier for parents.

1. Does my child need to apply for admissions to a community college?

The admission process is non-competitive as most community colleges have open admissions policies. The only criterion that should be filled is that your student must be a high school diploma before getting admitted to a community college in Canada. Students who apply early are more likely to find a seat in the desired courses.

2. What are the benefits of attending a community college?

The first and foremost benefit that community colleges have is that they are less costly when compared to most four-year institutions. Class sizes are smaller allowing more one-on-one time between the student and the professor. The faculty can be more focused on teaching and there will be a lot of time for research and discussions. One more benefit is that community colleges in Canada are flexible.

3. Can my child earn credentials at a community college?

Community colleges provide a platform to earn an associate degree and postsecondary certificates. These associate degrees and certificates can take anywhere from a few months to several years to complete. Now you can even find a number of community colleges offering bachelor’s degrees.

4. Can my child take just one or two courses at a community college?

This is common in most community colleges in Canada. Community colleges are great because of their flexibility, but experts always suggest that enrolling as a full-time student is best. This is because of the reason that students who go full-time can immerse fully in the experience, complete requirements more quickly, and earn a bachelor’s degree.

5. Will my child have to take placement tests at their community college?

Depending on the school, a student will likely have to give some sort of placement test to check their academic skill level. These tests are taken to evaluate skills in math, reading, and writing. Good test results may mean that a student can skip some introductory courses. Average results, on the other hand, can mean that they need a little more preparation before enrolling in certain courses.

6. How can my child transfer from a community college to a four-year college?

Students who take a transfer from a two-year community college to a four-year college can be found in abundance. A plan must be made and talks must be made with an academic advisor about transfer requirements. One must save themselves from common misconceptions like first a person has to complete his/her two-year degree at a community college and then go on for an additional four years at the four-year college.

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