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For an enterprise’s security teams that try to proactively implement and manage security controls to prevent advanced attacks, threat intelligence security services software can create a major difference in their efficiency. Adding threat intelligence security services software to an established information security program can complement a threat assessment and provide more critical data on which security controls might be capable of stopping the latest attacks in an enterprise environment.

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There are various methods via which an enterprise can deploy threat intelligence security services into their existing applications. An enterprise can either create a threat intelligence security services program from scratch by investing significant resources to create its own team of researchers and analysts, but the drawback of this method is that most organizations do not have the sufficient funds to take that course. Another option for an enterprise is to subscribe to the threat intelligence security services provided by any number of security vendors.

The advantage of this option is that each vendor has its own specialties, and many tend to emphasize threat intelligence that accentuates their product portfolios, hence customization of services is possible. In the recent past, a third and increasingly popular option of deploying threat intelligence security services software is gradually picking up pace via which enterprises need to participate in an information sharing and analysis center, where industry-specific threat data is shared and then incorporated into local analysis and tools.

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Few of the major driving factors of threat intelligence security services market are rising government compliance on data security, cloud adoption across several enterprises (both SMEs and large scale) and increasing number of sophisticated threats. Evolution of next-generation threat intelligence solutions, rapid adoption of bring your own device (BYOD) model and integration of big data analytics with threat intelligence software are some of the other major factors that is enhancing the growth of threat intelligence security services market. The recent adoption of threat intelligence security services is due to the fact that most of the companies are focusing on quality rather than quantity, as it is difficult to handle the volume due to overload of data. The advantage of such approach is that it is easy to utilize a controlled amount of data with significant context.