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Magnesium Ethoxide Market: Overview

Magnesium ethoxide, also called magnesium ethylate, magnesium ethanolate, or magnesium diethanolate, is a stable compound but reacts slowly with water and is highly flammable in nature. It is incompatible with moisture or moist air, strong acids, and oxidizing agents. Magnesium ethoxide is precursor for Ziegler Natta catalyst. Magnesium ethoxide is used as polymerization catalyst carrier for polypropylene, polyethylene, and precision ceramic materials. It is a strong, reducing agent and has properties, such as, bulk density and high compaction. Magnesium ethoxide is used in a wide range of applications, such as, organic synthesis of agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. In the food industry, it is used as a colorant or flavoring agent. Magnesium ethoxide is also used in manufacturing of detergents and biodiesel.

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Magnesium Ethoxide Market: Segmentation

The global magnesium ethoxide market can be segmented based on form, end-user industry, and region. In terms of form, the magnesium ethoxide market can be classified into powder form and liquid form. The powder magnesium ethoxide segment is expected to grow rapidly in the near future. Powder form magnesium ethoxide is used as reactant for the synthesis of Ziegler Natta catalyst and also in polymerization reaction. Ziegler Natta catalyst is widely used and accepted in all end-user industries which is expected to drive the demand for magnesium ethoxide market during the forecast period.

Based on end-user industry, the magnesium ethoxide market can be divided into polymer, food, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, and others. In the polymer industry, magnesium ethoxide is used as catalyst to increase the rate of production. Ziegler Natta catalyst is made of magnesium ethoxide powder and is used to carry out isomerization or alkylation reaction. Also, magnesium ethoxide is used to produce olefins, alkenes, and long-chain hydrocarbons.

In the food processing industry, magnesium ethoxide is used as a food additive for aroma and color. It also increases shelf life of food items. Magnesium ethoxide is presently available in green, chocolate, and white colors. In the agrochemical industry, magnesium ethoxide is used as a fertilizer, while in the pharmaceutical industry, it is used to make outer micro layer in generic medicines.

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Magnesium Ethoxide Market: Key Players

The global magnesium ethoxide market is consolidated with limited number of companies operating at the global and regional level. Major companies include Nippon, Soda Evonik, Dezhou Longteng Chemical Co., ltd, Gelest inc., and Hihang industry Co., ltd.