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Energy Drinks Market Analysis:

The worldwide Energy Drinks Market is climbing ladders of success at quite an astonishing pace. Since its inception, it has been the most talked about drink in the beverage industry. The chief reason for this is growing consciousness regarding health and fitness amidst the younger crowd.  Energy drinks are a discrete class of beverage that can provide the consumer with an instant boost of energy and render certain health benefits. The global market for energy drinks growing rapidly. According to experts, the market is expected to expand at the CAGR of around 5% annually. On the other hand, the estimated revenue return rates also look encouraging.

Athletes have realized the benefits of energy drinks and have started resorting to them to build their stamina. This fact can be characterized as one of the major growth boosters for the market. Apart from that, even the younger generations have started turning towards these drinks to get their vigor back after undertaking hectic and tiring activities. Additionally, changing lifestyle patterns also positively influence the growth of this market.

Major Key Players: The key players profiled in Energy Drinks Market are as Red Bull (Austria), Monster Beverage Corporation (U.S.), PepsiCo (U.S.), National Beverage Corporation (U.S.), Rock Star Inc. (U.S.), Coca-Cola (U.S.), Arizona Beverage Company (U.S.), Cloud9 (India), Mountain Fuel Co (U.K.) and Dr Pepper Snapple Group (U.S.)

Industry News: April 20, 2018 – Interncarabao a major player in the energy drinks market has come up with a completely new marketing strategy for its latest product which is called Carabao. This new campaign highlights the story of the founder of this organization Yuenyong Opakul alias Ad Carabao who was a Thai rockstar who named his energy drink after himself. Through this, the company aims to increase its turnover.

April 6, 2018 – Energy drink giant, Red Bull, recently released an exclusive limited-edition Kris Bryant Can for its consumers. It cleverly released it right before the start of the 2018 Major League Baseball season so that they can secure maximum profits by the end of it.

Market Players & Growth Strategies: The global market for energy drinks is a highly competitive arena. New investors emerge every single day and the players involved must be on their toes to attain maximum business.

Some of the players who have been successful in doing that for many years can be recognized as Cloud9, Monster Beverage Corporation, Mountain Fuel Co., and National Beverage Corporation. These players resort to certain set growth strategies like acquisitions and mergers, strategic expansion of business and investment in research and development activities.

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