Bergan & Company Offers Single- and Multi-Family Rental Management Services in Denver

Bergan & Company provides property management services in Denver, CO, and surrounding cities. It can manage both single-family and multi-family properties, offering tenant screening, home inspection, and rental collection, among others.

[CENTENNIAL, 02/28/2019] – Denver-based Bergan & Company offers property management services for single-family and multi-family properties in the Denver area. The company has been in the property management business for nearly 60 years, making its knowledge and experience beneficial to property owners who want to earn passive income effortlessly.

The company believes that real estate investments can help anyone achieve financial security and independence. “When you have passive income coming in every month, you are free from relentlessly worrying about paying your bills and other financial obligations,” Bergan & Company writes on its website.

Property Management Services for Single-Family Units

When the owner of a single-family property does not reside in it, they have the option to earn from it by renting the place out. The company offers free rental assessment and review to interested property owners. They also offer no-fee home inspection requests.

Bergan & Company is responsible for showing the property to prospective renters and marketing it on online listings like Zillow, Trulia, Hot Pads, Lovely, and, among others. To make sure that these renters are qualified, the company runs a rigorous background check. It screens tenants by looking at their:

• National eviction history
• Credit history
• Income verification
• Employment verification
• Bankruptcy search
• Criminal background check
• Rental history check

Property Management Services for Multi-family Units

Bergan & Company also manages midsized apartment buildings in Centennial, Denver, and surrounding cities in Colorado. The licensed agents at assists pre-approved tenants for property showing while informing them of the leasing details.

The company ensures timely rent collections, by providing multiple payment plans and options to renters to reduce delinquencies. If the property owner requests rent increase, the company performs a home inspection to make sure that the rent increase is justifiable, therefore avoiding complaints from renters. It is also responsible for the management of home repairs to ensure the satisfaction and safety of the tenants.

In addition, Bergan & Company assists property owners to make sure they are on top of local and state laws to avoid any legal conflict.

The property management service provider works to ensure properties are attractive to tenants, well-maintained, and legally operated. Property owners can rely on the honest and transparent service of Bergan & Company as it provides detailed and comprehensive reports of the business.

About Bergan & Company

With more than five decades of property management experience, Bergan & Company offers its services to owners of multi-family apartments, condominium units, and townhouses who seek to earn passive income. The company offers an obligation-free consultation.

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