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Food emulsifier market is segmented by product into sorbitan esters, lecithin, mono, di-glycerides & derivatives, stearoyl lactylates, and others. Among different product types, mono, di-glycerides & derivatives comprises the largest market share trailed by lecithin in 2014. Southeast Asia food emulsifier, based on application is segmented into bakery & confectionery, meat products, convenience foods, dairy products and others. Rising demand of packaged food is one of the key factors boosting the demand for food emulsifier in Southeast Asia.

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The Southeast Asia food emulsifier market is anticipated to witness robust growth during the forecast period, particularly due to increasing demand for packaged food. Factors such as rising demand for bakery and confectionery products and rising preference for low fat food are the major drivers of the Southeast Asia food emulsifier market.

The Southeast Asia food emulsifier market, by geography is segmented into Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Rest of Southeast Asia. Indonesia holds the biggest market share in the food emulsifier market trailed by Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Rest of Southeast Asia at present. Increasing demand for packaged food and rising demand for food emulsifiers in emerging countries are the major factors that are driving the growth of the food emulsifier market in Southeast Asia.

Among all the countries in Southeast Asia, the food emulsifier market in Indonesia is expected to witness a growth of 38.2% compared to other regions, followed by Malaysia. In 2014 Malaysia held the market share of 25.2% in Southeast Asia food emulsifiers market. This trend is anticipated to be the same over the anticipated period.

Mono, di-glycerides & derivatives are largely used in convenience foods and, therefore, the segment generates the largest revenue among all the segments in the food emulsifier market. Based on product types, the mono, di-glycerides & derivatives segment is followed by lecithin, sorbitan esters, and stearoyl lactylates segments. Based on application types, convenience food is relatively larger as compared to others application types. Rising demand for convenience food is driving the Southeast Asia food emulsifier market throughout the forecast period of 2014 to 2021.