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Medical gas analyzer are devices used for detection, measurement and qualitative & quantitative analysis of single or mixture of medical gases. Five types of medical gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, nitrous oxide and medical air are widely used in hospitals and related healthcare industries.

Single gas analyzer and multiple gas analyzer are two common types of medical gas analyzer used for analysis of medical gases. These medical gas analyzer detects, measures and analyze the concentration of medical gases and their mixtures at different levels using variety of gas sensing technologies such as electrochemical, infrared, optical, etc. 

Increasing number of hospitals and healthcare reforms for safety standards in developing countries across the globe are the factors expected to drive the growth for global medical gas analyzer market. New technologies have been developed for gas measurement such as electrochemical, paramagnetic, and infrared sensor technology. These technologies enable safer and quicker measurement of medical gases.

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Companies are spending more on R&D activities in order to develop products to measure trace levels of gases in the health care industry. Companies by using different technologies in one single device to measure multiple gases can target specific areas where accuracy is important. Paramagnetic and zirconia technologies for gas sensing are able to deliver these results.

Majority of players in the gas analyzer market operate globally through strong distribution networks. Key players are expanding their business in developing and less developed countries through subsidiary companies and local distributors.