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Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl acrylate (DCPA) is a monofunctional monomer with a fully unsaturated hydrophobic moiety and characteristic high reactivity of acrylates. It is a yellow-colored, aqueous, organic compound with chemical formula C13H16O2. It has distinctive pungent smell. Its boiling point is 81°C. It is usually stored in presence of oxygen, which enables effective functioning of the stabilizer. Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl acrylate is never used with inert gases so as to prevent polymerization. Copolymers of Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl acrylate DCPA) can be manufactured by treatment with amides and esters, acrylic acid and its salts, and with vinyl chloride, maleic acid esters, methacrylates, acrylonitrile, vinyl acetate, styrene, butadiene, drying oils, unsaturated polyesters and vinylidene chloride, etc.

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Global Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl Acrylate (DCPA) Market: Drivers

DCPA is mostly used to impart properties such as cross-linking, hardness, hydrophobicity, heat resistance, hydrolytic stability, and adhesion to polymers. Major applications of dihydrodicyclopentadienyl acrylate are coatings, adhesives, construction sealants, etc. It is sometimes employed to serve as a reactive diluent for EB-curable and UV-curable coatings and inks. DCPA is also used as a feedstock for chemical synthesis, as it easily undergoes addition reaction with a wide range of inorganic and organic compounds. Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl acrylate (DCPA) is listed in organizations such as Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances in China (IECSC), Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances (AICS), International Society for Laboratory Hematology (ISHL), and New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI) inventory.

Increasing demand for dihydrodicyclopentadienyl acrylate in the chemicals & advanced materials sector is fueling the Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl Acrylate (DCPA) market and the demand for DCPA is anticipated to increase significantly in the near future. Furthermore, over the last few years, the Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl Acrylate (DCPA) market has witnessed rapid growth, owing to growth of the chemical industry. The trend is anticipated to continue throughout the forecast period.

Global Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl Acrylate (DCPA) Market: Key Segments

The global Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl Acrylate (DCPA) market can be segmented based on application, end-use industry, and region. Based on application, the market can be classified into plastics, fabrics, adhesives, paints & coatings, and others. In terms of end-use industry, the global Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl Acrylate (DCPA) market can be divided into chemical, building & construction, consumer goods, automotive, textile, packaging, and others. The chemical segment can be sub-categorized into surface coatings, butadiene extraction, and others.

Based on region, the global Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl Acrylate (DCPA) Market can be segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, and Middle East & Africa. In terms of consumption, the global dihydrodicyclopentadienyl acrylate (DCPA) market was dominated by North America in 2017, closely followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. The region is anticipated to dominate the global Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl Acrylate (DCPA) market throughout the forecast period. This can be primarily ascribed to the increasing demand from various end-use industries such as packaging, textile, automotive, building & construction, and consumer goods in the region. However, in terms of production, Asia Pacific dominates the global dihydrodicyclopentadienyl acrylate (DCPA) Market. The Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl Acrylate (DCPA) market is Asia Pacific is anticipated to be expand rapidly in the next few years. The region is likely to offer substantial growth opportunities to the Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl Acrylate (DCPA) market in the near future. Furthermore, developing economies in the region such as India, China, and countries in Southeast Asia are anticipated to have high growth potential for the Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl Acrylate (DCPA) market during the forecast period, owing to the increasing demand from automotive and construction sectors in these countries. The markets in Latin America and Middle East & Africa are anticipated to expand at a significant pace in the near future.

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Global Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl Acrylate (DCPA) Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the global Dihydrodicyclopentadienyl Acrylate (DCPA) Market are BASF AG, JinJinLe Chemical, 3B Scientific Corporation, ABCR GmbH & CO. KG, Monomer-Polymer & Dajac Laboratories, Inc., Parchem Fine & Specialty Chemicals, CheMall Corporation, Nanjing Kaimubo, and Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.