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• Over 1550 delegates are expected to attend this conference.
• 50 faculty members from India will speak at the summit.
• More than 50 young researchers will get a chance to present free papers.

The number of people with Diabetes is steadily rising in India. At present, 74 million Indians have Diabetes. Not even half of this number is aware that they have Diabetes. Only half of those who are aware seek medical management and treatment for Diabetes and its varied complications. Another 77 million people are suspected to be prediabetic. Uncontrolled Diabetes is known to cause damage to the kidneys, nerves, eyes and heart.

Chellaram Hospital – Diabetes Care & Multispeciality has organized its 3rd International Diabetes Summit – 2019 from 8th to 10th March 2019 to tackle Diabetes and identify practical ways to tackle the growing menace of Diabetes and its complications. The International Diabetes Summit aims to empower healthcare professionals with the latest research and knowledge to win this uphill battle to defeat Diabetes.

Dr Deelip Mhaisekar, Vice Chancellor of MUHS, Nashik will grace the inaugural function. Nearly 1550 delegates are expected to attend this conference. World renowned scientific experts in the field of Diabetes including Clinicians and Researchers from Karolinska Institute, Lund University and Orebro (Sweden), Mayo Clinic and University of Virginia and University of Miami (USA) and Cardiff University and University of Manchester (UK) and 50 faculty members from India are speaking at the summit. “Chellaram Foundation Diabetes Research Award” amounting to 1 lakh rupees will be awarded to one of the 50 young researchers presenting posters and free papers at the conference.

A unique feature of the summit is the Workshop on management of Diabetic Lower Limb Neuropathy. This workshop will include a live demonstration of clinical examination of diabetic foot and hands-on training session on how to treat wounds and calluses.Another salient feature of the summit includes a discussion on Decoding Fad Diets whose main aim is to look at various diets that either helps you lose weight or reverse Diabetes by normalising blood glucose levels through low calorie diets and exercise. The summit will also cover discussions and talks on new age treatments, bariatric surgery, new technology to manage foot infections, injectable therapies, hypothyroidism, continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pumps, once-a-week injections, role of artificial intelligence in Diabetes management, remote monitoring of Diabetes, self-monitoring of Diabetes, etc.

Mr Lal L. Chellaram, the Patron of International Diabetes Summit and the Chairman of Chellaram Hospital – Diabetes Care & Multispeciality, says “Chellaram Hospital – Diabetes Care & Multispeciality is at the forefront in the fight to tackle the escalating problem of Diabetes in India. The International Diabetes Summit is an example of our effort to empower health care providers with the best knowledge about diabetes care strategies. This would eventually have a major impact on the treatment of Diabetes and its complications which affect the various parts of the body”.

Dr Unnikrishnan AG, CEO of Chellaram Hospital – Diabetes Care & Multispeciality says, “The International Diabetes Summit, organized by Chellaram Hospital – Diabetes Care & Multispeciality, is a unique initiative to bring world class Diabetology care practices to the Indian setting. Diabetes in India poses a distinct challenge, when compared to Diabetes in Western countries. In this conference, the best Diabetes experts from the world would interact with their Indian counterparts. I hope that the unique India-oriented solutions that this interaction brings forth would help improve the lives of the millions of people suffering from Diabetes in India”.

Dr (Brig.) Anil P Pandit, Chief Medical Director of Chellaram Hospital – Diabetes Care & Multispeciality says “Chellaram Hospital – Diabetes Care & Multispeciality has a unique initiative to fight against the epidemic of Diabetes. Diabetes has affected close to 74 million people and Chellaram Hospital – Diabetes Care & Multispeciality provides advanced infrastructure and facilities including endocrinology, haemodialysis centre, podiatry department, real- time continuous glucose monitoring system, insulin pump, bariatric surgery. Recently, the Chellaram Hospital has expanded to provide multispecialty care including state-of-the-art cath-lab, comprehensive ophthalmic care and advanced radiological imaging. We hope this unique conference will help highlight a novel way to fight the Diabetes epidemic in India”.

The 3rd International Diabetes Summit – 2019 seeks to bridge the gap between current theoretical knowledge and its and application and practice in the real-world. The summit aims to provide comprehensive knowledge about Diabetes and its complications to health care practitioners of India.