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Compatible with all – for all :- The new and modified SantaMedical electrode pads are universal and can fit in any TENS machine. The quality is top notch be it the Electrode material, the adhesive or the fabric of the pads. You need not Google how to make my TENS pads sticky? anymore. The self adhesive polymer pads have 36% longer life and can fit into any other machine.

SantaMedical is an established name in the Healthcare industry with its range of tested and widely used digital products. The quality and accuracy of its products have earned it a distinction in the market today.

The top query of customers is about the effectiveness of reusable electrode pads. Survey has shown that 60% of customers are dissatisfied with its Reusability. Adhering to the customer demands SantaMedical has made its Electrode pads more stickier using a bio gel that does not cause any rashes. The new bio adhesive gel retains its stickiness 36% times longer than any other brand in the market.

“Our primary concern was coming up with a type of gel that can be used longer and one which causes least reaction to the skin. Our research team has made phenomenal progress in this direction” says CEO of the company.

The quality of electrodes pads also pertain to the latest technology. They are made of solid-carbon which delivers the charge efficiently. The pads are flexible so as not to restrict the movement. They can be used on the go.
But people also need to learn how to use these electrode pads. SantaMedical through its Blogs and Articles keeps informing the customers about it. Keep visiting their website for latest updates.

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Gurin products, LLC is a company based in California, USA. Gurin products are devoted to designing, developing and manufacturing innovative Healthcare products that meet the needs of our customers through our GURIN and SANTAMEDICAL brands. For more info or to contact us log in to our website Santamedical.