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Global Tunable Filter Market is expected to reach US$ 249.37 Mn by 2026 from US$ 110.6 Mn in 2016 at a CAGR of 8.47%.

Implementation of tunable filters for highly demanding machine vision applications is the major factor driving the market growth. Poor spectral performance of tunable filters is expected to restrain the market growth. Adoption of tunable filters for numerous medical and commercial applications along with the implementation of liquid crystal tunable filters needed for extremely demanding machine vision applications will further augment the growth of the tunable filter market.

Tunable filter market is segmented into type, system type, application, and geography. Based on the type, the market has been segmented into liquid crystal tunable filters (LCTFs), acousto-optic tunable filters (AOTFs), linear-variable tunable filters (LVTFs) and others.

Based on application, the military application leads the tunable filter market in terms of market share. tunable filters are provided for all military communications and surveillance platforms that are used worldwide. Also, tunable filters are used for performing high-quality communications during harsh environmental conditions and at critical places.

Geographically, global tunable filter market has been segmented into Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle-East & Africa, and Latin America. The Asia Pacific is expected to be one of the major market drivers to boost the market. There is rapid adoption of wireless communication technologies by emerging economies like China, India in this region.

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Scope of the Report:
Tunable Filter Market, By Type:

• Liquid Crystal Tunable Filters (LCTFs)
• Acousto-Optic Tunable Filters (AOTFs)
• Linear-Variable Tunable Filters (LVTFs)
• Others
Tunable Filter Market, By System Type:

• Military Handheld Radios
• Radar Systems
• Testing and Measurement Systems
• RF Amplifiers
• Spectrophotometers
• Surveillance Systems
• Near Infrared Systems
• Others
Tunable Filter Market, By Application:

• Military
• Satellite Communications (SATCOM)
• Optical Channel Performance Monitoring
• Optical Signal Noise Suppression
• Missile Tracking
• Commercial
• Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)
• Hyperspectral Imaging
• Wavelength Switching
• Signal Equalization
Tunable Filter Market, By Geography:

• North America
• Europe
• Asia Pacific
• Middle East & Africa
• Latin America

Key Players Operating in the Market:

• APEX technologies (France)
• Schott (Germany)
• Agiltron (US)
• Api Technologies Corp. (US)
• Santec Corporation (Japan)
• Semrock (US)
• EXFO (Canada)
• Gooch & Housego (UK)
• Brimrose Corporation of America (US)
• Coleman Microwave (US)
• Dover Corporation (US)
• Micron Optics (US)
• Thorlabs (US)
• Kent Optronics (US)
• AA Opto Electronic (France)
• Netcom, Inc. (US)
• Delta Optical Thin Film (Denmark)
• Smiths Interconnect (US)
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