Eye and Face Protection Market –  Trends and Opportunities for the Industry 

Employees and workers in every industrial vertical are subjected to occupational hazards. Permanent or temporary injuries to the face and eyes of workers has become a common incidence. Particularly in heavy industries, chemicals manufacturing units and automotive plants, the exposure of workforce to corrosive materials, toxic substances and sharp metal surfaces has propelled the adoption of proper equipment for eye and face protection.

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Protecting these vital body parts has become an industrial mandate, compelling manufacturers of personal protection equipment to focus on developing reliable goggles and face shields. Employers are spending millions of dollars on equipping their workers with proper protection gear for face and eye. Occupational safety administration bodies in several parts of the world has standardized the use of eye and face protection equipment across every industrial settings.

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Industrial workers around the world are subjected to hazards that can cause temporary or permanent injuries to their vital body parts, particularly to the face and eyes. Governments and industrial regulatory bodies have set mandates for the use of proper protection equipment in industrial settings.

Goggles and face shields are being widely used as eye and face protection equipment. Companies and employers are being trained to promote the use of such equipment among their workforce. Growing complexities in the manufacturing sector are exposing workers to more risks of getting injured by toxic substances, sharp metal surfaces and volatile gases.