DOC,OPD A revolution in healthcare industry

A new revolution docOPD is all set to offer cost-effective and quick healthcare services to the larger section of society along with the use of technology. docOPD offers revolutionary services in primary healthcare, is all set to offer cost-effective and quick healthcare services to the larger section of society

Speaking on the same Mr Vijender Bisht, Co-Founder, docOPD said, “we envisage concept of empowering every section of society with 24X7 Family Doctor Connect to solve many health-related concerns, considering huge medical professional deficit in India, through Technology, Innovation & Partnership”

docOPD introduces India’s First Health Card with unique benefits and aim to save on out of pocket medical expense (OPD Consultation, Health Test & Medicines) which are not covered under medical insurance, improving better health of family or individual. Each subscription is valid for one year.

This provides a various healthcare benefit to reduce overall medical expenses. Mr Abhishek Kumar, Co-Founder, docOPD said “this is a very innovative tool which can be plugin anytime, anywhere. It is a unique highly customized, modular primary health program which is a private & secure telehealth concept along with the bundle of health benefits which can be gifted, implemented anytime anywhere” This offer quick medical opinion and OPD discounts at our partner network saving on out of pocket medical expenses.

docOPD Health Cards offer benefits to make medical services very effective when people tend to avoid medical expertise and health test due to cost concern and accessibility; with the use of technology and growing team of network service partners our aim to reach every section of society with primary healthcare services. This program not only to strengthen existing healthcare infrastructure but also to create vast health awareness in India with technology functioning as the first level in a hierarchical system and quite helpful to execute an existing program to have better health. At the basic level to filter out two primary challenges, first, the quick doctor connects to the diagnosis of diseases based on symptoms and simple laboratory tests, and their treatment either at next lever centres. Second, health awareness leading to the prevention of many diseases.

As you know, Health Insurance does not cover expense on OPD, out of pocket medical expenses make up about 62% of all healthcare costs in India, said Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). Out of Pocket Medical Expense or OPD Medical Expense is the biggest concern and burden on any family or individual. As per the study, a family expense on doctor’s consultation, medicine, health test in a year ranging from INR 20,000 to INR 40,000 per year and for individual it can vary from INR 5000 to 15000 per year. Private insurances provide coverage for only hospital admission cases. For more details please visit