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The standard door knob with a lock is too easy to conquer. So how do you choose the right one? This report will give you the information you will need to choose.

The first type of deadbolt is a single cylinder deadbolt. These locks have a key cylinder on just 1 side of the lock. On the other side, you will have a knob. The advantage of this kind of lock is that you do not need a key to open it from the interior. The disadvantage is that if you’ve got a door with glass or a window next to your door, a burglar would only have to break the glass to reach the lock and gain entrance to your house.

The next sort of lock is the double cylinder deadbolt. This lock will have a keyed cylinder on each side of the lock. There’s absolutely no knob and you must have a key to open it. The advantage of the type of lock is that it is more secure than a single cylinder one. Additionally, it is fine if you have small children in your house as they would be not able to open a door without the key. The disadvantage is that it may be difficult to open in an emergency. If you can’t find the key, you can’t get out.

The last sort of deadbolt I will talk is the keyless deadbolt. These may be operated in one of many ways. The advantage to these is that you can gain access to your home quickly. The disadvantage is they’re costly and may not be best for those who are not tech savvy.

These are the basic types of deadbolts. The choice is up to you but until you decide, be sure to check local building codes. Some may not allow for certain lock types under certain situations. Do your research and find the lock that is best for you.