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Category A samples can be shipped in the same package as category B infectious substances as long as the stringent shipping requirements are met. Infectious substance shipper contains of three layers; primary receptacle, secondary packaging, and the outer packaging. Primary receptacle of the infectious substance shipper is a water tight, leak-proof receptacle containing the specimen. The receptacle is packed with enough absorbent material in case of any leakage. Several cushioned primary receptacle are place in the secondary packaging. This secondary infectious substance shipper is placed in outer shipping packaging with suitable cushioning material.

Global Infectious Substance Shipper Market: Dynamics

Infectious substance shipper is a reusable container and includes a retaining coil secondary pressure vessel that is autoclavable. The secondary pressure vessel present in the infectious substance shipper is made of polypropylene. Infectious substance shipper used for dry ice is a reusable 2 inch thick polyfoam box with an outer cardboard box. Animal and human tissues infected with harmful virus are shipped across countries for testing and research and development purposes. As infectious substance shipper ensures the integrity of materials, it is widely used to ship samples. Mostly dry ice is used for in the infectious substance shipper for the transport of category A samples. The shipment of unidentified infectious substances when improperly packed, increases the overall potential for exposure to humans and animals.

Major driver of infectious substance shipper is the demand of transport of infectious biological specimens which are either used for prevention, diagnosis or treatment of disease in humans and animals for investigational, development or experimental purposes. Tests for compliance with the packaging criteria of infectious substance shipper includes a 9 meter drop test, a puncture test, and a stacking test. The global infectious substance shipper market is expected to witness a positive growth during the forecast period due to the demand for medical specimens for testing.