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Spinner Flask Market: Introduction

Spinner flask is considered to be a vital equipment in laboratories. Spinner flasks are designed to improvise on the proper cell growth and therefore functions by keeping the culture media moving and also by increasing the circulation of air at the surface. For performing these functions and proper growth of the culture, the design of the impeller for spinner flasks is made versatile, which allows proper mixing with slow changes in the conditions in the spinner flask. Some of the impellers have customized designs, for instance, an extended paddle, which performs the functions of constant top to bottom motion and bottom contours that swipes the shape of the spinner flask and aggregates the cells at the bottom of the spinner flask.

Spinner Flask Market: Drivers and Challenges

Increased research and development spending worldwide is expected to be the prime factor driving the growth of the spinner flask market. The increased spending on research and development especially in SEA & other APAC regions in the recent times has led to the establishment of research laboratories, which is expected to surge the adoption of spinner flasks. This has not only led to the growth of the spinner flask market but also created awareness regarding the product in developing regions. Easy entry of new players in the market is also expected to contribute to the growth of the spinner flask market. As the market is fragmented with no particular player dominating in terms of market share, it has been easy for new player to enter the market and start business.

However, the high cost of the spinner flask is expected to be a major factor restraining the growth of the spinner flask market. The cost of spinner flask is on a higher side in developing regions, which is restricting their adoption. This has also forced the established laboratories in these regions to use traditional ways for cell growth and it has been a bottleneck for the growth of the spinner flask market. The other factor expected to restrain the growth of the spinner flask market is related to the reach of the product in the market. Spinner flask are not readily available in all the regions; they need to be ordered beforehand from the online platforms.

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Spinner Flask Market: Segmentation

The spinner flask market can be segmented into various segments but as per the market analysis the market for spinner flask is most suitably segmented by type, component, and region.

On the basis of equipment type, the spinner flask market is segmented into:

Glass Flask Equipment
Plastic Flask Equipment
On the basis of component, the spinner flask market is segmented into:

Spinner Flask Set
Spinner Flask Market: Key Players

Examples of some of the key players operating in the global spinner flask market are DWK Life Sciences, Corning Incorporated, CHEMGLASS, Bellco Glass, Inc., SP Industries, STEMCELL Technologies Inc., Borosil Glass Works Ltd., and Trident Equipment Pvt. Ltd, among others.

Spinner Flask Market: Regional Overview

On the basis of geography, the global spinner flask market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, China, SEA and other APAC, Japan, and Middle East & Africa. North America is expected to be the leading regional market for spinner flask in terms of value, with the U.S. being the most attractive market. SEA and other APAC market is projected to grow at a fast rate due to increasing adoption of spinner flasks in research activities. SEA and others of APAC and Europe spinner flask markets are expected to follow North America over the forecast period due to the increase in spending for research in these regions and high opportunity for the use of these spinner flask in laboratories.

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