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Cottonseed meal Market Outlook:

Cottonseed meal is a by-product of the extraction process of oil from cottonseed. Cottonseed meal is a rich source of fats, proteins, energy, and fiber and owing to the reason that it is very unusual to have all these nutrients in one meal, the demand for cottonseed meal is expected to rise in the market. Due to the high bioavailability of cottonseed meal, the feed conversion rate is also very high which makes it a suitable ingredient for animal feed. There is a steady growth in the global demand for animal-derived products such as poultry, dairy, and meat which is leading to the growth of compound feed industry and cottonseed meal has an important role in compound feed formulation which explains the proportionality between the growth of cottonseed meal market and feed industry. Since cottonseed meal has a high protein content they are mostly used in feed where high fiber and protein content is desired. The protein content of the cottonseed meal depends on the type of extraction process used in the extraction of oil and it varies from 20-50%.

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Cottonseed meal is also a rich source of fat content which makes it fit for dairy cows as farmers are keen to enhance the quality of the milk that is obtained from the cows and acts as one of the major contributors to the growth in demand for cottonseed meal. Apart from the high nutrient content, cottonseed meal doesn’t possess any anti-nutritional properties making it a safer alternative to cottonseed meal’s synthetic counterparts thereby leading to rising in demand for cottonseed meal in the market over the forecast period.

Growth in the Livestock and animal feed industry is driving the Cottonseed meal Market:

Globally, cottonseed meal is used for majorly feed industry and as a fertilizer. The animal feed industry is witnessing a boost owing to the fuelling demand for animal-derived products which tends to complement the growth in the demand for cottonseed meal. Cottonseed meal protein, being a more degradable protein when compared to the other alternatives such as rapeseed meal or soy meal, tends to be the best option while the selection of ingredients for the animal feed. Cottonseed meal contains macronutrients such as proteins, fats, and fibers which are essential for proper development and growth of animals thus making cottonseed meal a favorable preference for animal feed. Owing to the reason that cottonseed meal is a by-product of cottonseed oil extraction process the cost of cottonseed meal is relatively low which is a major growth driver for the global cottonseed meal market. The rising demand for natural ingredients in animal feed is also one of the major factor contributing to the hike in demand for the cottonseed meal in the market.

Global Cottonseed meal Market: Market Participants:

The key market participants identified across the value chain of the global Cottonseed meal market are Wilmar International Ltd., A Greener Way, LLC., Planters Cotton Oil Mill Inc., Abhay Nutrition, PYCO Industries, Louis Dreyfus Company, GIMATEX IND. PVT. LTD., ASB Group, Vijaya Enterprises, Down To Earth Distributors, Inc., THE ESPOMA COMPANY, and Agroinvest s.a. are among others.

Opportunities for Cottonseed meal Market participants:

The cottonseed meal market is witnessing a hike owing to the increase in the demand for ingredients with high nutrient content in animal feed so that improved quality of products can be obtained. The rising animal feed and livestock industry offer a vast scope for opportunities for the cottonseed meal market. The organic segment in the cottonseed meal market is anticipated to grow with a swift rate owing to the risks of contamination of synthetic ingredients which results in a degraded quality of the products derived from the animals. Sensing a lucrative growth a large number of demand-side participants are expected to enter the cottonseed meal market over the forecast period.

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The Cottonseed meal market on the basis of region has been segmented as:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • CIS & Russia
  • Japan
  • APEJ
  • The Middle East & Africa