Take A Luxury Yacht Charter – Celebrate New Beginnings

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With the dawn of the New Year it is time to celebrate new beginnings. It is time for the ultimate celebration. Take a luxury yacht charter rental Dubai to recognise special moments and milestones. These moments should be celebrates in a unique style which is what Jumeirah Yachts Dubai is known for doing best.

Luxury yacht charter cruises will combine comfort and luxury to offer their guests highly personalized services aboard the yacht. It is the perfect place to take someone special, go on a family adventure or enjoy a business gathering and create some memories.

With an incredible range of luxury yacht charter rentals in Dubai Jumeirah Yachts want people to become intimate with the sea and know it in all its magnificence. There is beauty in cruising and they want to reveal it to people everywhere. “Book your yacht charter cruise to celebrate any occasion”, says the Director.

Every occasion deserves a celebration and what better way to do it than aboard a luxury yacht charter rental in Dubai. Enjoy the stunning views, balmy sea breeze, golden beaches and the magnificent blue ocean surrounded by a professional crew to cater to their guests’ every whim and fancy.

On-board guests will have their own chef to prepare meals that accommodate personal taste and preference. Whether it is late lunch, special brunch, course delight or casual dining the chef will prepare all meals using the freshest ingredients according to the wishes of the guests.

A yacht provides a unique way to celebrate. It is a dream location that proves to be unforgettable. Guests will be surrounded by natural beauty amidst the sunshine accompanied by incredible personal service. It is the perfect time to indulge in new beginnings, and ensure there is a great start to the New Year!

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Jumeirah Yachts is a yacht charter company in Dubai, offering luxury, comfort and adventure. We have a passionate team that will warmly welcome you aboard and let you have a once in a lifetime experience. We are dedicated to creating a hospitable and safe atmosphere whether you are out on a romantic cruise, day out with family, celebrating a birthday, sightseeing or adventure sailing. We want to deliver the best that marine leisure has to offer. For more information, visit our website on https://jumeirahyachtsdubai.com/