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Dr. Shawket Alkhayal
Dubai Healthcare City,
Al Razi Building 64
Block C/D 3013, Dubai,

Telephone: +971 4 2765600

Not every couple that wants to have a baby is lucky the first time around. Unfortunately, some couples may face fertility problems. Infertility has become a common issue but it is something that must be dealt with. Dr. Shawket Alkhayal offers sound advice to couples attempting to conceive. “If you haven’t been able to get pregnant in the first year it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have fertility issues. We recommend a second year of trying. If you still find that you cannot conceive medical treatment can help in many cases”.

Infertility can cause physical and emotional stress on both the man and woman. Research has indicated that infertility has many causes. It is said that 1 out of 10 couples can experience infertility problems. Dr. Shawket Alkhayal encourages couples having problems getting pregnant to get tested at the clinic.

Once you visit Alkhayal Medical Center, the best andrologist in Dubai will help couples figure out what may be causing infertility and find the best possible treatment.

There are also health and lifestyle problems that can increase the risk of infertility. If women are older than 35, if underweight or overweight, problems with the reproductive system, if engaged in excessive alcohol or smoking or even being exposed to toxins like pesticide are reasons that can cause infertility.

Couples, however, should not lose hope when attempting to get pregnant. Dr. Shawket Alkhayal specializes in fertility treatment and will increase the chances of couples having a baby. With the advancement of technology there are treatment methods that will best suit every couple’s individual requirements. Sometimes one half of the couple may require treatment, at other times, both may undergo treatment.

“Visiting our clinic will help us figure out which treatment plan works best for you. Sometimes the problem is so small that couples conceive quickly thereafter. While fertility problems can be challenging, we want couples to always look on the positive side in the hope that their wish to have a baby will be realized”.

About Dr. Shawket Alkhayal
Dr. Shawket Alkhayal is a top Urologist in the country with more than two decades of experience. He is the Head of Urology at the Benenden Hospital in Kent, Head of Department at the American Hospital in Dubai and established Alkhayal Medical Centre for Urology and Andrology in Dubai in 2014. For more information visit his website on