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(January 16, 2019)- “By mixing both online video streaming and online video download function together, VidPaw enable users to have quicker access to tons of online videos and manage them freely.”

VidPaw, one of the most professional and high quality online video & audio downloader, now turns itself to be an online video streaming platform as well. By adding a powerful built-in search engine to the site, VidPaw now has realized the possibility to satisfy users’ need on streaming online videos, meanwhile, download and manage these online video resources freely.

Nowadays, online video streaming means a lot to people and keeps changing their ways of living. According to a research company, the number of millennial who watch videos on TV now is 9% lower than those who stream videos online. In the following few years, the portion that online video streaming occupies will keep growing.

Wyton Ashley, the founder of VidPaw said, “VidPaw is designed to make sure that users can have free but easy access to online video resources. As people rely much on online video streaming today, we want to provide such a tool for them, and that’s why VidPaw needs to update itself to a multifunctional platform.”

In addition, as online video streaming trend is getting more popular, it is not difficult to discover the phenomenon that the frequency of mobile devices using is increasing as well. Watching video on mobile gives people flexibility to arrange their time. Therefore, online video download is a huge need for users, too.

“VidPaw provides this way for users to download and manage online videos offline freely. That’s a true way to help online video resources integrate with modern life style.” Wyton indicated.

VidPaw’s technical team always keeps striking for providing excellent video streaming and downloading service for users. Visit VidPaw website here for more information or contact us through e-mail

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