Benefits Of TENS Unit Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy

Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy helps to treat Arthritis, improves blood circulation, cell regeneration and much more.

Electromagnetic pulse therapy is very much in vogue these days working, in this practice an electromagnetic field is set to treat several health ailments. Low voltage pulse are passed to that also aids in releasing of endorphin hormone. Earlier only physiotherapists were using this therapy to treat different aches and pains but now several TENS Units are available in market treating providing relief in several ailments. Although top ten benefits of electromagnetic pulse therapy are as follows:-
• Treat Arthritis: A study published in 1998 in a journal of Indian Medical Association supports the therapy and finds it helpful in treating rheumatoid arthritis.
• Improves Blood Circulation: The magnetic field generated in this therapy helps to improve the blood circulation in the body.
• Promotes Cell Regeneration: The therapy helps in wound healing although it shows little effect on soft tissue healing.
• Brings Relief In Anxiety And Depression: As per the study conducted in 2000, in Radiatsionnaia Biologiia Radioecologiia, there therapy aids took the emotional behaviour and it was also bring to the notice that frequency range of 4-6 Hz, helpful in reducing negative fears and reactions of anxiety.
• Aids In Bone Healing: On this the research is still going on, however according to 1999 study in Bangladesh Medical Research Council, this therapy stimulates bone healing.
• Helps In Decreasing Diabetic Factor: A research exhibited correlation between DPN and frequency of this therapy, facilitating the main symptom of of DPN, improving functions of motor neurones in spinal cord and also aids to the proper functioning of peripheral nerves.
• Treats Migraine In the year 1999, a study conducted in United States investigating the effect of this therapy on Migraine patients and short term relief has been observed in those patients.
• Helps In Nerve Repair: The therapy is is noted to affect neuronal cell body, resulting into nerve repair.
• Relieves In Pain: These meant people are using this therapy to treat different aches and pains and have found it quite effective.
• Increases Range Of Motion: In 1996 a study was conducted on 34 patients by a panel of Clinical Rheumatology exhibiting the beneficial effects on the range of motion and pain in patients having cervical osteoarthritis. After the treatment, the patients were having less muscle spasm and increased range of motion.

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