1st January 2019- In India, we lose millions of lives every year due to lack of Emergency care. Accidents, Medical Emergencies, Personal Safety Incidents can occur at any time and to anyone. Watch over you application by “GIFT OF LIFE Foundation” aims with the motto of Every Life Matter.
Watch Over you works on the Model of 3 tier response service, where in Tier 1, the application helps to provide services from the government authority (Fire, Police, women help and ambulance) reach for help, In second tier app help to connect with colleagues, friends, relatives and social connects and in the 3rd and the most important tier Watch over you has in house call center, trained agents and ambulances are dispatched to your rescue.
How does it works- www.watchoveryou.in works very simple. When you press the SOS button, the app takes your location and sends it to the nearest Trained Responder and Ambulance who immediately leave for your location. In the meantime the call centre will contact you and assess the level of emergency. While this happens, an alert is sent to your Emergency Contacts, Friends, Family members, Social Contacts. It can also Send the alert to your Company HR and your colleagues,.
Commenting on the application Founder Director Mr. Vineet Jain & Sumit Gupta said “Considering the statistics of crime and safety, this solution is very useful for women, children and elderly, who face instances of harassment, stalking, medical, possible physical violence and other issues which have the potential to harm their safety. Mr. Jain also added that watch over you aims to save minimum 2000 lives in year 2019.