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The Internet of Things has become a globally adoptive
technological solution which has shown a significant shift from
the academic circles to various other industry. This is
predominantly, due to the development of cost-effective
sensors, affordable connectivity, accessible cloud platforms,
effective processing and storage capabilities of large amounts
of structured and unstructured data by the big data platforms,
abundant mobile applications and smart machine learning tools.
Enterprises, nowadays have become acquaintance to IoT and have
enabled it as an innovative solution to solve business
problems. One such problem where industrial internet of thing
is applied for the efficient management, monitoring and
maintenance of enterprise’s asset and operation.

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Smart connected asset and operation are the devices used by the
enterprises to produce and deliver goods and services that can
efficiently sense and respond to internal and external
environment in a prompt and accurate manner. The smart
connected asset and operation devices are well aware of
environment and can react to design and configuration, support
customer requirement or supplier performance and even handle
inventory and maintenance schedule.

Assets that have been installed and managed for years have
decades of historical information. These information reside in
various places such as paper files, dataset and knowledgeable
workforce. To extract more information from assets, companies
are embarking on digital transformation by deploying more and
more smart sensor at multiple touch-points.

Smart connected operation provides a comprehensive path for
managing factory and its production line. It significantly
transform the manufacturing operation and allow manufacturer to
have real time analysis of operation data through predictive
analytics technology.

Smart connected asset and operations

are developed through convergence of big data analytics and,
cloud and mobile technologies that are merging traditional
Informational and operational technology (IT/OT). Smart
connected asset and operation are one of the strategic
objective that an asset intensive organization are following as
it allows an enterprise to move beyond real-time control to
predictive control and ultimately to autonomous operation.