Delhi is a city where people from all over the country accumulate. Some come in to make a living, while others buy a home, settle in and raise a family and then there are those who are just fly-by visitors. For whatever reasons, people from all across India travel to the capital city of India once or often. For those staying in Delhi for any degree of permanence, local businesses present an assortment of products and services that meet the daily requirements and make life easier. One of the names that is a staple in all household is Pandit Girish Sharma. An astrologer by profession, Giri Sharma has a setup in the Shiv Mandir where he sees his clients on weekdays.
Astrologer Giri Sharma is a popular name in the houses of Delhi for a number of reasons. For one, he brings to the table a miscellany of astrological services and solutions that are scarce in the city. For another, the remedies offered by Giri Sharma are some of the best. Thirdly, his predictions and readings are always precise and dead-on, which means that there is a very slim chance that a prediction he makes ever go wrong. It is for his gift in divinity and astrology that Pandit Giri Sharma holds a place of trust in the minds of the people of Delhi.
Giri Sharma’s service catalogue is quite extensive, in that he offers horoscope readings , astrological consultation, match making service, kundali dosh nirvana and vastu shashtra consultation. All these services are catalogued under his astrological services. All of them include a consultation round where clients can ask him questions or discuss with him certain situations that they are face or seeking remedies for. In the second half of the consultation, Pandit Giri Sharma examines the available horoscopic reports of the concerned person. In the end, solutions are offered for the problems at present and preventive measures for those in the future.
Hawan and Pooja is another of his specialities in which he offers services like katha, path and mantra jap. Giri Sharma is available for hawan and poojas through prior booking wherein he visits the location of the Pooja and conducts it in parts or fully.
Aside from services, Pandit Giri Sharma also offers an array of relevant products on his website. The products available at his center and website include pure gems and rashi threads. Shaptik malas, abhimantrit malas and yantras are also available for purchase on his website. Mostly, astrologer Giri Sharma recommends remedies in the forms of gemstones and threads that can be both bought from his center and outside. Those looking to order from out of town will need to go through his website. His website is where the product catalogue can be surfed and products can be purchased online.
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