Be Unique Hospitality
Office No. 72, Oasis Centre Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, U.A.E

Tel: +971 4 380 1057

As renowned restaurant consultants in Dubai, Be Unique Hospitality offer successful hospitality solutions to restaurants, hotels, cafes and restaurateurs in the region. They provide practical consulting services to meet the requirements of their clients. Their goal is to assist restaurateurs to launch successful restaurants and established businesses to reinvent themselves.

Be Unique Hospitality provides turnkey solutions which include super start training for restaurateurs and business owners. Qualified restaurant consultants in Dubai come with years of hands-on experience and have worked with numerous clients in the past to launch successful F&B ventures. Their bespoke service combines distinctively unique concepts that will enable brands to stay ahead, and apart.

Be Unique Hospitality specializes in a wide range of expertise in the restaurant industry and are committed to the long-term growth and development of their clients. Their values are consistent which allows for maximized profits and enhanced growth. Whenever clients are faced with difficult situations or challenges, their solutions are immediate with quick strategies to correct all existing issues.

The Director of Be Unique Hospitality stated that, “We have a client-oriented approach which enables us to deliver successful training to help our clients minimize risks and maximize profit. Whether you are new to the restaurant industry or an established restaurateur our training will allow clients to implement smarter restaurant operations to achieve a stronger success ratio”.

Be Unique Hospitality are the backbone of unrivalled restaurant consulting services in Dubai and go above and beyond to meet the specific requirements of FB businesses that are matched with flawlessly executed solutions.

Be Unique Hospitality offers free consultation for F&B ventures and will deliver the highest standard services and quality, every single time.

About Us
DB Hospitality is a high level restaurant consultancy firm in the U.A.E and Asia with decades of experience in helping turn the tide of restaurant profitability. We have worked with diverse clients from all walks of life, and specialize in offering practical solutions to bars, spas, hotels, cafes and restaurants. We are there from beginning to end in the successful turnaround of an old restaurant or the starting point of a new restaurant. Our work has involved writing the business plan, designing the restaurant concept, menu engineering and all the way to recruitment and implementation. For more information, visit our website at