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QA Mentor is one of the top QA companies that offer client-centric software testing and quality assurance services. Recently, a representative of this QA testing company announced to offer Agile QA services. This QA testing service is part of the strategic QA services offered by the company. It is a strategic solution for the companies that are following traditional “Waterfall” model and want to switch to modern “Agile Model”. The offered agile QA service of the company will make this transformation seamless for the client company and its staff.

The offered service is aimed to help companies making a swift and seamless switch from waterfall to agile methodology. For this the QA professionals of the company will provide the required training and mentorship to the team of the client company. The QA and testing experts of QA Mentor will walk hand in hand to assure the transition process doesn’t disturb the current flow and pace of development. Also, the QA expert will assure to remove all roadblocks to make the transition successful with their extensive knowledge and domain expertise.

“Agile methodology is in trend due to its impressive characteristics. It is empowering many companies by delighting its customers. However, there are many companies that still use the traditional waterfall model. These companies do understand the importance and benefits of agile model, but they might be not ready to make a sudden switch and facing challenges. Here, our Agile QA Service comes into the picture. We can help them with consultancy, guidance and mentorship to make this transition swift and 100% successful.”, shared a representative of the company.

According to the shared details, the company follows a well defined strategy to help its clients who want to switch from a traditional model to modern one. The steps followed by the QA experts of this top QA testing company are listed below:

• Thorough analysis of existing process, work model, methodology and legacy systems.
• Gap analysis.
• Based on the conclusions made from the in-depth analysis, the QA experts of QA Mentor will provide suggestion about the most suited Agile Model for the company.
• The team will provide all answers and required support to define and execute final plan to switch from a traditional model to modern agile model.

The expert QA professionals will mentor developers and other staff of the client company with agile tools and other nitty-gritty to assure quick and successful transformation and improved speed of delivery.

The QA Mentor has a team of agile experts who holds extensive experience and knowledge in different agile models. The company can provide consultancy, QA service and support for any of following models:

• Scrum
• Kanban
• Extreme programming
• Test Driven Development
• And other agile models

QA Mentor has helped many small to large scaled businesses that were trying to switch to the agile models. You, too, can take benefit of their strategic QA testing service, called, Agile QA Service for successful transition. For more details about the offered services, please visit