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With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, AppDupe’s recent launch on-demand alcohol delivery app helps you to bring booze to your customers . Since its inception, AppDupe has been gaining traction among entrepreneurs and business investors with its high quality apps at an affordable price.

The latest survey on on-demand alcohol delivery sales shows positive figures of revenue growth. According to the report, over the past five years, Online Beer, Wine & Liquor Sales industry has grown by 10.6% to reach a revenue of $776m in 2018. The legalisation of online alcohol delivery by the government in various countries encourages entrepreneurs and investors to invest in this burgeoning industry.

An alcohol delivery app works like every other delivery service application. Customers of the app place orders and receive their products through delivery personnel. This business model is profitable for both service providers and users. Many companies have emerged successful in this business such as Drizly, Saucey, Klink and so on.

With an on-demand alcohol delivery app, users can quickly get the booze they want at their doorsteps. They can quickly order their favourite liquor before a few minutes for the party.

AppDupe promises to deliver cutting-edge mobile app development solutions for every industry. Serving clients like Fasttrack, Jetpack and Cuft, its mobile app development solutions have stood the test of time. Its on-demand wine delivery app looks innovative with advanced technical features. With a plethora of features – Toggle Alcohol Providers’ availability, Alcohol Providers’ Profile, Schedule appointment and Payment integration, your app can be launched in 48 hrs in the language and currency of your choice. If you are interested in disrupting the booze delivery industry with an app, follow this link to get a detailed demo and quote. Create a niche for your business in the on-demand industry.