An original or certified copy is necessary. Regular processing requires up to ten days, plus added time for mailing, and fees $15. Expedited service just isn’t readily available. Constantly give the name of your nation needing a Texas Apostille or Certificate of Authentication. Get much more information about apostille texas birth certificate

Requests for corporate documents requiring an Apostille should be directed towards the Corporations Section and usually do not require a kind. You might be expected to order a certified copy of your articles and request an Apostille at the exact same time via the Corporation Section. We suggest faxing the order, since you happen to be requesting the certified copy at the very same time. All which is required is the name of your country, speak to name, phone number along with the return address details. They are going to bill you for any applicable costs.

Requests for Apostille on documents executed just before a Texas notary public, documents issued by statewide officials (including the State Registrar of Important Statistics, district judges, motor car custodian of records, and so forth.), and lately issued certified copies by county officials and local registrars ought to be submitted for the Authentications Unit applying the Order Kind(s) beneath.

You could order
By Mail:
Cover letter and Order Form must include things like the name from the nation, payment, pre-addressed stamped envelope for the documents to become mailed to you right after processing, as well as a daytime phone quantity for probable queries. You have to enclose an original or certified copy from the document. If you’re requesting the certified copy at the similar time, the order kind just isn’t required and may be requested by means of the Corporations Section.

By Fax:
You might fax your order only if requesting the certified copy at the very same time in the Corporations Section. Fax coversheet ought to contain the name on the country, address the documents needs to be mailed to after processing, and telephone quantity for probable queries. They’ll bill you for all applicable fees.

By E-mail:
You might e-mail your order only if requesting the certified copy in the very same time from the Corporations Section. Emailed requests ought to consist of the name of your country, address the documents need to be mailed to just after processing, and phone number for feasible questions. They may bill you for all applicable fees.

By Telephone:
It is possible to contact in your order only if requesting the certified copy at the same time through the Corporations Section. They can provide you with a more specific timeframe for processing. You might choose to possess the organization name, nation name and credit card handy when producing your get in touch with.

In Person:
Requested documents can ordinarily be supplied within 1-2 days, if requesting them by way of the Corporations Section. When you are requesting documents through the Authentications Section, more processing time may well apply. It’s essential to deliver a certified copy or original document. You will need to have your payment handy.

Do you will need to order a certified copy in the similar time or does the charge involve a certified copy?
A Texas certified copy could be ordered in the very same time through the Corporations Section. This charge does not contain a certified copy.

Just how much does it expense to obtain a Texas Apostille?
$15 per document for standard processing.

Is expedited processing out there?

Payment selections?
Verify, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard or Uncover (extra bank card costs may perhaps apply).
Make check or dollars order payable to: Texas Secretary of State.

How long does it take to acquire an Apostille Certification from Texas Secretary of State?
Regular processing: 1-2 small business days, plus more time for mailing.
Counter Service: 1-2 business days (in person only).

How will the Apostille Certificate come back after I order in the Texas Secretary of State?
It will likely be mailed by the type of pre-addressed prepaid envelope or UPS/Fed Ex airbill offered. Return service by fax or e-mail is not readily available.