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With public transport systems getting overcrowded in Indian cities and commuting time increasing by the day, the need for personal transportation is on the rise. India is home to a large number of aspiring middle-class families and with rising affluence and a larger disposable income, more people are aspiring to own a car. More cars on the roads mean more congestion and a severe shortage of parking space. To control congestion, traffic polices in most Indian cities prohibit the parking of cars by the roadside in business areas.

The affected are not just the shoppers; even executives and employees of corporate companies based in places like Goa and Belgaum feel the pinch when they have to park their cars on a busy road. Increasingly, corporate companies are finding it extremely difficult to provide parking space to its employees because land prices are shooting upward, and more importantly there isn’t any land around to buy. Though the situation appears to be dismal, not everything is lost; thanks to multi-level car-parking concept that is fast catching up in India.
What is Multi-level Car Parking?

Multi-level car parking is a concept in which parking space providers use vertical space rather than horizontal space for vehicle parking. The advantage is that the provider is able to use ground space more efficiently. Typically a piece of land that has the potential to park 100 cars will be able to accommodate 400 or even more. Yet another advantage of a parking system like this reduces the chances of theft and accident manifold.
Is Multi-level Car Parking a Business Opportunity?

The answer to this question is definitely yes if you are planning to set up a parking lot facility and propose to operate it as a service. In busy places like Goa or Belgaum, with increasing need for parking space, there is a huge untapped potential. Talk to a local steel building supplier or steel building manufacturer to learn more about the potentiality of the business. ROI is usually higher than most businesses if only you are able to find a suitable location.
Role of Steel Building Manufacturers in Development of Car Parking Systems

Steel building manufacturers are nowadays able to offer corporate companies parking lots that are more efficient and utilise land space frugally. Most multi level car parking system manufacturers in India have their genesis in the steel section manufacturing industry making it easier to understand customer requirements and expectations.

With rising demand from corporate clients, multi-level car parking system manufacturers in India are making bigger investments considering the big opportunities that lay ahead. It is also interesting to note that independent companies are beginning to see the business potentials in providing car parking facilities as a service.

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