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Our Sunny GroupThe annual Christmas exchange of gifts is held in the Shenzhen office. I don’t want to see what surprises people have drawn this year. Let’s take a look down.

The happiest thing about Christmas is to receive a beloved gift. When we were young, we hung the Christmas stocking on the bedside and looked forward to receiving the gift the next morning.

And now, as long as we spend a little time preparing a gift, in this beautiful office, make a Christmas wish, everyone can be a joy to each other, Secret Santa,
Let us be Santa Claus of each other today.

Dangdang, our local gifts finally unveiled the mysterious veil, from eating, using, wearing, all through, surprises constantly. The ceremony is light and affectionate, and every gift received carries the best wishes of the family.

The space is limited, too many gifts will not be displayed one by one, By the way, this local gift is the Dior999 that Gary received.

This Christmas has become very warm because of you. Here, Sunny worldwide logisticsLogistics wishes you a Merry Christmas, thank you for your support, we always do our best for you.