Recovering from surgery can be a painful and overwhelming experience for the patient and his/her family. The post-operative period following release from the hospital is a critical phase of the recovery process. Studies show that lack of proper care and support after surgery can lead to slower recuperation. In fact, there is a substantial risk of re-admission due to serious complications, such as infections, blood clots, or reopening an incision. Experts say that quality post-operative care at home enables quicker patient recovery and reduces the risk of infection. This helps reduce medical costs for patients, roughly by at least 40%.
India Home Health Care’s (IHHC) Post-surgical Trauma Care Plan is structured to meet each and every need that can help patients recover at a faster and more comfortable pace – at home. It aims to reduce the stress of surgery, reduce complications and make for a quicker recovery. The Post-surgical Trauma Care Plan focuses on improving pain management, mobility, diet compliance and patient engagement.
IHHC delivers comprehensive, compassionate, high-quality post-operative home healthcare services for improving the outcome of your surgery. With IHHC, you can feel confident that the post-surgery recovery process is safe, healthy, successful, affordable and as pain-free as possible.