a time when the construction industry is at its peak, businesses surrounding it too are experiencing a boom. One of the businesses born out of construction that is flourishing rapidly at this time is scaffolding and shuttering. Although contractors have regular use for scaffoldings, they do not invest in the way of owing these products. Instead, they find renting a far more comfortable arrangement, when it comes to shuttering and scaffolding products are concerned. One company that is widely popular for hire scaffolding in Gurgaon products is Winntus.
Founded in 1999, Winntus is an ace manufacturer of scaffolding and shuttering equipment. Originally based in the Delhi area, the company has presence in many other metropolises across India. Currently, the company has offices in Gurgaon, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vijaywada, Raipur, Kolkata and Mumbai. Although it has 8 branches in all only, the company caters to the markets of 14 states all over India. A very respected name in the industry, the company is founded and owned by Mr. DP Goel under whose leadership, the company has come so far in such a short period of time. One of the most sought-after companies for cuplock ledgers on rent Mumbai, Winntus is known for its huge inventory of products all of which are manufactured in its own facility.
Winntus has its catalogue split into two broad categories- shuttering and scaffolding which are its prime focus. In shuttering products, the company offers acrow props, ISMC channels, wall form panels, column formwork, MS plates and Acro span. The list under scaffolding is lightly lengthier under which buyers will find everything from bestsellers like cuplock ledger to spigot pins to MS challis and more. Other products that are equally sought from the scaffolding lineup are scaffolding clamps, cuplock verticals, toe boards, galvanized scaffolding pipes, walkway plants and shuttering base and U jacks. All the scaffolding and shuttering products on rent in Delhi are also available for exporting.
As a company that offers shuttering products on rent in Mumbai, the company has a fairly large selection of services. For those looking for services, Winntus has a comprehensive list of support and services for its clients. Among its services are rentals, manufacturing, contracting, exchange, export, repair and reconditioning. Its scaffolding and shuttering products are high in demand in cities across India. Being fully committed to building high-quality products only, the company does everything possible to procure the highest quality raw material available in the market to build its products. That often means less profit for Winntus, but that’s something Mr. Goel says is if no value compared to the trust of the customers and the goodwill of the company.
In addition to an inclusive catalogue, the company also maintains a transparent price chart which attracts buyers by the lot.
Find more information about Winntus on: http://www.winntus.com