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The Kansas-based PolyStone Planters has a line of lightweight, durable trough planters that homeowners and business owners can use for a variety of plants to enhance their space.

[Kansas City, 12/27/2018]– PolyStone Planters offers a collection of lightweight, durable trough planters ideal for garden use. The brand produces stone-like pieces that can withstand any weather conditions, making them a worthy addition in homes and offices.

The Short Trough Planters Collection

Short trough planters are ideal for homeowners and business owners who want to add plants to their space. Customers can choose from a range of planters, including:

Herb Trough Planter

This planter is the lightest in the collection, which weighs 11 lbs. Its interior dimensions are 46″x17″ wide and it has 8″ soil depth. Customers can choose from a variety of colors that can match their small plants, like succulents and herbs.

Each planter can survive extreme temperature changes because its 2.5″ thick walls have a high-density EPS core for protection. Customers can purchase this planter as a set of two, so they can set it in different areas.

Milan Tall Trough Planters

PolyStone Planters says that this planter is the most popular style among its product. It has 7″ soil depth, which is suitable for an herb garden. Homeowners can also use these planters to provide additional privacy to their property by using palms, bamboo, or hedge. This planter also has 3-1″ drainage holes with exit channels that enable roots to breathe.

Riviera Short Trough Planter

This planter features 41″x12″ wide interior and 11″ soil depth. According to PolyStone Planters, the Riviera Short Trough planter is one of its versatile products because it allows owners to grow various plants and flowers.

The Planters for All Seasons

PolyStone Planters designs its planters to last for a long time. This helps homeowners and offices save cash from buying new planters every season. The brand uses insulated core to protect a plant’s roots from temperature changes. Each of them has drainage holes and mold and stain-resistant outer shells.

Homeowners and offices can achieve visually pleasing spaces without the burden of heavy planters. Despite the stone-like appearance of the brand’s planters, they are extremely lightweight and easy to move around.

Visit the website to see its full collection.