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Mortuary bags are also known by the name human remains pouch (HRP).  It is a non- porous bag that is being specifically designed to contain the human body so that the human body can be easily transferred from starting point to another. Mortuary bags are also used for avoiding the leakage of body fluid before being transferred to the pathology department. Various medical device industries use mortuary bags, which increases application of mortuary bags. Hunters also purchase mortuary bags to haul deer during hunting season. Funeral supply companies primarily purchase these products which result in an increase in the sale of the mortuary bags.

Mortuary bags are also used by rescue teams. Mortuary bags are used by fire departments, medical examiners, hospital groups, tissue banks and others. During crime investigations, mortuary bags are used for investigation of murders and to identify the culprit. Therefore, the global mortuary bags market is expected to face sizeable demand, over the forecast period.

Global Mortuary Bags market: Dynamics

The global mortuary bags market is expected to witness substantial demand over the forecast period. There are several factors that are anticipated to drive the growth of the global mortuary bags market during the forecast period. Crime rates in America are have increased steadily in the past two years because of which there is an increase in numbers of murders, due to which the use of mortuary bags is increasing among hospitals, s, and others. Disastrous climatic conditions like earthquake and drought, lead to the death of many people, resulting in the rise in demand for the mortuary bags.

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Mortuary bags are being used in the forensic science department. The advancement of technology in forensic science, such as DNA analysis and image enhancement has led to high usage of mortuary bags. Growth in medical device industry is driving the growth of the global mortuary bags market. Mortuary bags find a wide range of end uses such as Hospital, , and mortuary which is increasing the demand for mortuary bags in the market.