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The time before Christmas is usually very stressful, both privately and in the entrepreneurial sense, so you should take your time between the years to relax and to think about the past year. This also applies to private individuals and companies alike, says Fabian de Soet, Managing Director of HTS Global AG.

In particular, the time between the years is a perfect time to recapitulate the past financial year. Was it a successful year? Was the planned profit achieved or even increased? How was the communication with the customer and how was the cooperation with the employees?

At HTS Global AG, it is customary to reflect between the years and then start the internal discussion in the new year. Here both praise and criticism are appropriate. Only communication can make a business work, says Fabian de Soet.

So that the employees can come to rest, HTS Global AG will be closed from 27.12.2018 until 04.01.2019 and will then be fully available for its customers from 07.01.2019.