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The hot melt ink method is one of the advanced techniques used for marking and coding in a variety of industries such as – food & beverage industry, pharmaceuticals industry, building & construction, and chemicals & fertilizers, among others. Hot melt inks are expected to witness sizeable demand over conventional marking and coding inks. This is attributed to rising demand for high definition and reliable printing, along with ease-of-use and system quality.

Other key factors which are expected to increase preference for hot melt inks over the forecast period are – the elimination of requirement for any solvent or water. This results in environment friendly printing, free from any organic compound.  Therefore, the global hot melt inks market is expected to enjoy a largely positive outlook over the forecast period.

Global hot melt inks market: Dynamics

The global hot melt inks market is expected to grow on the backdrop of growth of the global marking and coding inks demand. Hot melt inks are expected to gain market share rapidly, as brand owners demand high definition print qualities as a tool for consumer-engagement. Hot melt inks are produced such that they adhere securely to a wide variety of substrates, and therefore can be applied on a number of packaging solutions.

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Hot melt ink printing is dynamic in nature, and therefore, the quality of print by hot melt inks is not degraded by variation in corrugated packaging or recycled material. Hot melt ink printing is accompanied by the integration of several other technologies, such as the use of Drop-on-Demand (DOD) technique of ink jet printing.