From asking direction from other people to fully automated multifunctional navigation devices, the automotive navigation system market has evolved since inception. Automotive navigation solutions are now the need of the hour, either in the form of mobile devices or as an inbuilt function in vehicles. These systems use satellite navigation device to pinpoint the location of the any user. Not only limited to enabling precise location, automotive navigation solution are now equipped in supplying information about traffic congestion , active construction work and locations of nearby restaurants, hotels, petrol pump, service center, hospital, airport and other location. Amalgamation of telematics, automotive navigation solution is enabling users to reroute mid journey, calcite distance, suggest necessary speed and offer alternate shorter routes to reach the destination.

Automotive Navigation Solutions Market dynamics:

Automotive navigation solutions market volume sales is currently rising owing to sharp increase in demand from commercial heavy vehicles such as bus, trucks. Additionally automotive navigation solutions are now also being adopted for vehicles and machinery with application in mining. The use of automotive navigation solution is expected to increase significantly with the advent of autonomous cars since self-driving automobiles rely on the synchronized interaction of radar, GPS, Lidar, other sensors and technologies to cruise and ensure safe travel. Introduction of voice enabled assist technology in automobile navigation solution market along with integration of mobile application sensors is now gaining credible traction in the automotive navigation solutions market. However, additional cost of automotive navigation device and systems for installing and limited autonomous vehicle market is restraining the automotive navigation solutions market.

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Automotive Navigation Solutions Market segmentation:

Automotive navigation solutions market can be segmented by type of user segments, sales channel, Navigation Modes, Applications in Automotive Navigation Solutions and automobile type.

By type of User Segments, Automotive Navigation Solutions Market can be segmented as:

SPS – Standard Position Service

PPS – Precise Position Service

By sales channel,Automotive Navigation Solutions Market can be segmented as:

Original equipment manufacturer


By Navigation modes,Automotive Navigation Solutions Market can be segmented as:

3D Navigation

2D Navigation

DGPS – (Differential Correction is available through the auxiliary Serial Ports)

By Applications in Automobiles,Automotive Navigation Solutions Market can be segmented as:

Car Navigations

Dynamic Vehicle Routing

Tracking Rental Cars

Monitoring High Risk Auto Loans

By Automobile type, Automotive Navigation Solutions Market can be segmented as:

Passenger Cars

Light Commercial Vehicles

Heavy Commercial Vehicles

Automotive Navigation Solutions: Regional Outlook:

Automotive Navigation Solutions Market can be segmented into different geographical regions such as North America, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific Excluding, Japan (APEJ), Japan, Middle East and Africa. Owing to sustainable automotive car and automotive spare sales North America, Western Europe, AEPJ and Japan are key markets for the automotive navigation solutions market. With relatively maturity attained in automotive sales in region of US and Germany, strong after sales service and product are anticipated to fuel the demand for the automotive navigation solutions market in these regions. Increasing vehicle density in Eastern Europe and APEJ is creating strong opportunities for automotive navigation solutions market participants. To address the increasing traffic congestion and efficiently manage traffic, the demand for automotive navigation solutions is escalating in economies such as Russia, Japan, India and China. Likewise key automotive navigation solutions market in Middle East & Africa and Latin America such as Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and Egypt among other countries that are expected to represent high potential markets during the forecast period owing to increasing automotive sales in the regions.

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Automotive Navigation Solutions: Key Players

The automotive navigation solution market is fragmented with a special concentration of players and participant from North America and Europe. However the automotive navigation solution market is expanding, and with increasing traction of the technology, the emergence of new participants from APEJ, ASEAN and Japan is anticipated. Some of the key players identified in the automotive navigation solution market among other participants are

NNG Software Developing and Commercial LLC

Telenav, Inc.

Pioneer Corporation

Alpine Electronics

Kenwood Corporation