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Sportswear are as vital to the performance of an athlete as sports equipment. To that effect, a manufacturer based in Punjab launches a line of products that instantly turned heads for its exceptional quality. Gagwears targets the local and national market with its products both of which it caters with products that are designed and built with some of the finest quality material. One of the few American Football manufacturers in India, the company sells its products to clubs located in all major cities of India.
From its salad days, Gagwears has been obsessed with quality. In its bid to make a difference, the company made commitments very early to a high-quality standard which it has held on to through years. A spokesperson for the company said, “As a manufacturer, we have full control over the make and model of our sports equipment. We take advantage of our freedom to commit the best-quality raw materials alone into their making. We are also lucky to have with us some of the finest designers and makers in the country to materialize our vision.” As for its sportswear, the company keeps jerseys of the finest fabric that are not just performance enhancing, but are also tough and long-lasting.
One of the country’s few Australian Rule Football manufacturers, Gagwears ensures that its catalogue maintains variety. To that end, it refreshes its product list every now and then bringing in new things and replacing outdated equipment with new ones.
A popular netball manufacturer, Gagwears takes both small and big orders for all its equipment and sportswear. It accepts small quantity orders for local and remote shipping. It also has made to order section where buyers can get their equipment and sportswear tailored to their requirements by the in-house makers. Gagwears welcomes buyers to provide them the list of requirements and specifics that their designers and makers can work on. Quick deliveries are assured for orders of all sizes and locations. Having started as a small company in Punjab, Gagwears did door to door deliveries in its early days. Now a much bigger concern with presence outside Punjab, it still makes door to door deliveries for all its clients.
Among the most sought-after baseball manufacturers in the country, Gagwears manufactures all kinds of sports balls like namely Amercian football, Australian Rule football, futsball, rugby ball, net ball, soccer ball and vintage ball. Sports bags is another major part of its collection where it has all kinds of athlete’s bags like back packs, duffle bags, gym bags, shoe bags, ball bags, and more. Under sports clothing, it has some very high-quality uniforms, jerseys, t-shirts, tracksuits and gym clothes. All products under Sports Clothing are available for made-to-fit orders.
To check out its full inventory and order online, visit its website at: