City, State, Date – DuctAir UK offers comprehensive ductwork cleaning in Birmingham and kitchen deep cleaning services. They have made a mark in the industry for their high-end cleaning services. They have a team of well-trained and professional cleaners who have years of experience in cleaning the inaccessible kitchen areas such as the extraction fans, ducting, grills, canopies, grills and cookers, air supply units and much more.

When asked about the factors that have earned the company a good reputation in the market, the spokesperson explained, “Our team of certified cleaners have the expertise to clean the difficult areas in the kitchen such as fans, grills, ducting, canopies, air ducts, complete air conditioner cleaning etc. In addition to cleaning we offer other services such as fitting the access doors to the ducting, replacement of the high-capacity bag filters, carbon filters, baffle grease filters etc.

The spokesperson continued saying, “Moreover our cleaners are trained to carry out the cleaning task efficiently taking all the precautionary measures so as to not contaminate the other kitchen areas. We even issue a ‘certificate of compliance’ which conforms to the TR19 cleaning standard of the industry. Their reason for our overwhelming success is because we offer top-grade cleaning services at an affordable price”.

About Company

DuctAir UK is one of the leading kitchen deep cleaning services providers that offer a wide array of deep cleaning kitchen services such as cleaning of the extraction ducting, fans, grills, canopies, grills and cookers, air supply units etc. They have a team of proficient deep cleaners who are well-trained to carry out the task of deep cleaning effectively and at a cost-effective price.

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