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Automotive door handle sensor technology integrates various keyless access functions into a door handle. Automotive door handle is a keyless system comprises of an electronic locking feature which acts as a key. The keyless system provides secure access to the vehicle electronically and also substitutes the conventional mechanical key. This increases user comfort and makes entering the vehicle easier. These types of door handle operate on very low frequency transmitting antenna placed inside and outside the vehicle.

The global automotive door handle sensors market is driven by the growth of the industrial and automotive sectors. Increase in demand for mobility and connectivity in consumer electronics and testing services is another factor propelling the global automotive door handle sensors market. Rise in deployment of safety systems in automobiles is also projected to drive the uptake of these sensors in the next few years. High initial investments and the volatile market dynamics are anticipated to create obstructions in the otherwise steady growth trajectory.

The global automotive door handle sensors market can be segmented based on type, vehicle types, sales channel, and region. In terms of type, the global automotive door handle sensors market can be bifurcated into button and induction. The button type door handle sensor is an older technology, wherein a button is placed on the handle for locking and unlocking. The induction type door handle sensor is integrated in a lever which is used to unlock the vehicle. Sensors are integrated in these systems to increase convenience and reduce effort. The sensor can be accessed remotely through mobile devices, keys, remotes, etc. or operated biometrically.

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Based on type of vehicle, the global automotive door handle sensors market can be classified into passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. Increase in demand of passenger vehicles due to rise in per capita income, rapid urbanization, and growth of the automotive industry in developing countries is expected to drive the passenger vehicles segment.