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Rental property owners in the Denver area can say goodbye to property management headaches. Bergan & Company’s rental property management services make being a landlord easy and stress-free.

[Centennial, 12/27/2018] – With home prices in Denver continuing to soar, it’s no wonder the population of renters nearly outnumbers that of the homeowners.

According to internet listing service RENTCafe, in major Colorado cities, including Denver and Colorado Springs, renter growth outpaced homeownership growth between 2006 and 2016. Two years ago, Denver was made up of 47.1 percent renters and 52.9 percent homeowners.

As the number of renters continues to rise, rental property owners may be having a hard time keeping up. This is where Bergan & Company comes in to help. With more than 50 years of property management experience, the company helps rental property owners manage everything, from tenant screening to eviction.

Stress-Free Rental Ownership

Bergan & Company has been a trusted property management company in the Denver area since 1961. With this much experience, the company knows the ins and outs of property management.

Bergan & Company makes rental ownership easier through their property management services. The company offers tenant screening to help rental owners find qualified tenants. Their experienced property managers also handle home preparation, the maintenance of a rental property, and rent collection. Property managers carry out peaceful evictions, as well, if needed.

Passive Income Generation

With Bergan & Company’s property managers taking care of the important aspects of rental property management, clients can sit back and relax while continuously earning passive income. Clients can also rest assured that with Bergan & Company’s property management services, they’re going to have tenants that pay on time and stay long-term.

Because a client’s rental property is taken care of by Bergan & Company, they can focus on more important things and enjoy the benefits of owning a rental property.

With Bergan & Company, rental property owners can take the first step towards financial independence.

About Bergan & Company

Founded in 1961, Bergan & Company is a family-run business that grew to be the leading property management company in Denver, Colorado. Through real estate investments, the company helps property owners achieve a high return on investment and, therefore, financial independence.

Visit or contact them at 303-694-5116.